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jardain is finally on ravelry!

a few years ago i designed some coasters which were featured on versus. as well as a mention in molly makes!!! .. i call the pattern jardain. it's been received well, and that makes me kinda proud. you can find the free tutorial here. and i'm happy to say jardain is now finally on ravelry! wahoo!

and now i have some news....   i'm working on another pattern! i really hope you like it... i kinda do! it actually came about me doing a custom for someone, and i ended up just making my own pattern along the way. so i've decided to put it to paper... it's not quite ready yet, though i may be looking for some testers, as i don't really know any tech editors that also cover crochet.... of course i'd appreciate all feedback i can get!!

have a happy day! xo


stocking stuffer... for you !

 i think these make the best stocking stuffers. for real. and i know you're looking for some ideas with just days until the big man comes...

ok so i know you all are already aware of my mug hugs... they've been around a while.. but the pattern has only been available here in this pretty little blog... well i finally have set it up for you in ravelry as a pdf download! hurrahhhh! it's only taken me forever. that's not too bad ;)

finally the pattern is easier to access :) i'm just so sorry it's taken me so long ;)
also, i thought it might be fun to track projects, and see what all of you lovely knitters come up with!

you can still find the pattern under my tutorials tab, as well as in ravelry. and if you've already knitted up a few of these babies, make sure to link the pattern in ravelry! i'm so excited to see all of the mug hug love out there! and i can't wait to see the ones you've knit, so please put them up on ravelry!

merry christmas! and happy knitting, xo


baby it's cold outside....

so you'd better start putting on those layers! and who doesn't love a chevron cowl?!

 yep that time of the year is now here! and wool is in the air. er.. fall is in the air, haha yah. that.  so i've whipped up a new product for the booth!

i tell ya, there's nothing like last minute add-ons :) and i love them.

these babies are super cushy and warm. oh so warm. and they're compact. they won't get in the way of your wardrobe for the day. you can wear them just with your wooly sweater, or bundle it up in your winter jacket.

they'll be making their debut at my booth at knit city this weekend! come on by and say hi. maybe try on a cowl :) i'm booth number #32. you can check out the floor plan here.

 i've got a heap of things left to do before knit city, we will hop on the ferry as soon as my hubby is home from work tomorrow.. and after we pack the car. ha. and of course we're both working late tonight.

here's to much needed caffeine and squishy cowls for the colder weather. hurrah!
also, for those of you wondering about the sweater. it's a test knit i did for lilalu. i plan on having a post just for that sweater though. so stay tuned for that...

thanks so much for your patience today! i'd love to hear your thoughts on the new cowls... and for those of you interested, there just might be a pattern in the works for it ;) happy knitting... and hooking.... it's the happiest time, 'cause baby it's cold outside! xoxo



man oh man, that weekend went by in a blurr! much knitting has been done, but much more still needs to be done. it won't be long at all before fibrations is here!

so instead of just chatting away about stuff i can't really show you yet... look what i found!

now if only i had a little girl i could make this for! this comes from honeybee vintage's site. i think she did an ah-mazing job! here's the link to her post on it, in case you feel an overwhelming urge to make this for your sweet girl. xo

isn't it just the best ever when you can find tutorials you can whip up in no time?? happy monday! what are you up to today? xo


daydreaming a little...

you know, i'm pretty happy to be a part of the crafty ring. to find a hobby that has such a community of people supporting you is pretty stinkin' neat. and i'm not just talking about yarn and needles or hooks. (but it's totally included)  i'm talkin' about the whole crafty ring. it's awesome!

 i love how we support one another, be it in sewing, jewelry design, paper crafts, woodworking, gardening, weaving, spinning... all of it.
 i'm super happy to have all of you as my friends! thanks for encouraging me to pursuing my  ridiculous desire to craft... to create.... and to be happy doing what i do. and thanks for being the creative inspiration that i rely on! that helps me to keep on moving!
you guys are the best! xo

there's really not a whole lot i would change...

you know... except for the obvious. ;) haha i love that pic.
don't forget! today is the last day to enter the giveaway for inked papers! go to the link here. and also, if you live in the victoria, bc area, and need help with your knitting, there's a knit-in this friday! (yeah, tomorrow) . i'd love to see you! check out the cloth castle for more details. xo

are you daydreaming today? what's on your mind? what are you creating? did you enter the giveaway? come chat. there's always either coffee or tea, or both. xoxo


ridiculously happy

i am one happy girl today! honestly... not much can top this...

i can not tell you how excited i am to tell you this! i , along with shannon from luvinthemommyhood have a page in the 11th issue of mollie makes magazine!!!  it wasn't too long ago now, when shannon got the email that molly makes wanted to use her photo in their newest edition of the mag.

you remember this tutorial, right? this is from when i was invited to be a part of versus. and i designed the jardain coaster pattern just for the occasion. and thanks to shannon's incredible photography skills... this pic has been scooped up!! for a full page!!! yippeee shannon!

when i started this little blog, i didn't know what to expect... well i did know not to expect things to come quickly. but i certainly started this blog with dreams in mind. you all know how much i love crafting... i just really think it's part of who we are. that we as humans need to craft. from woodworking, to gardening, farming to bread-baking, and knitting... and the list goes on...
so how awesome is it that this amazing crafting magazine wants to chat about  one of my tutorials! wahoooo!

the insert says

 "When Rebecca of inanook.blogspot fame was invited by Shannon Cook to share her crochet love on the Versus blog (, she revealed how to make these super spiralled Jardain coasters with pretty petals. All you need is a little bit of yarn and a little bit of time and a whole set will be yours! Find out more about Shannon and her inspirations at"

this is big people! and it puts the biggest smile on my face. want to know more? mollie makes is an inspirational crafting magazine, also dubbed as "the making spot"  that is based in the UK. this particular issue hit shops in the UK on thursday. and i gotta tell you, i've got to get my hands on a copy!

this sweet magazine is only coming up to it's first birthday! and really it's such a beautiful collection!
make sure to head on over to mollie makes and have a big peek! they have a facebook page too.
if you want to get your hands on a hard copy in
Coles, Chapters
Barnes & Noble, JoAnns

i know you can also get digital copies as well, and their site has all of the info. 

i can't tell you how excited i am about this. it makes me so happy :) i'm so pleased everyone has had such a wonderful response to the jardain coasters! what an inspiration from you and encouragement, to try my hand at some more crochet goodies for you! xo

a big thank you to mollie makes for making this girl ridiculously excited , my face will hurt from smiling, almost as much as on my wedding day! and to you :) for loving to create! xoxoxox


let it snow... sort of.

i heard on the radio this morning that we might not get snow this christmas... gasp! what?! no snow in victoria?! haha yah i know i should just accept that i don't live in the coldest climate in canada, but it's hard for me. i miss the snow.
so i found a solution... sort of.

i know i know, it's dec 1st already, and we're up to our eyeballs in yarn skeins and projects that are most pressing... and now look what i've done... i'm sorry. but aren't they pretty? and after yesterday's post about setting realistic goals for christmas crafting.... geesh, i'm such an enabler!
i hope that i can squeeze a little time in for this.
and if you want to try it too... here's the link!
and i'm still really hoping we'll get a light blanket of the white stuff for christmas. it really does seem more like christmas then. i stand by it. and you know what? even if we did get snow for christmas, i'd like to have these pretty things in my house anyways. wouldn't you?

how about you? do you love the snow or hate it? do you get lots of snow where you live? come chat! xo



in a really really good way :)

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

i'm prepping! i've been busy, and of course, i'm loving it! classes are coming up quickly, and with the upcoming gift-giving season, inventory must be stocked!
it's been a little strange though, trying to get fully into fall mode when we've been having such amazing weather! but for the sake of the craft, i really do try (wink wink)

haha, so would you like a sneak peek at what's been coming off of these here needles?
alrighty then..

do you recognize some of these things? i see a few items from the tutorials, as well as yummy class material!
i told ya, this was going to be a good season! ahaha. my eye is especially on rae these days...

to date, this is the nicest yarn i've knit with, and i loooooove it! i can't wait to have rae snuggling around my neck!  and what's even better? as a last minute decision, rae will be another one of the classes i'll be teaching! jane richmond is such a talented designer. she knows just the project that showcases beautiful yarn at it's best, and rae is definitely no exception!  the cloth castle has brought in malabrigo yarn just for this project.


oh oh goodness. if you're in the area, seriously consider this class... malabrigo!?! hecks yes! and when you take the class, materials are 20% off!!!! these will make such beautiful and luxurious gifts if you can dare part with one! rae takes only one skein! so it's also uber affordable. it would be a great class to take with a friend, and even suitable for a beginner. you only need to know how to increase, decrease, and knit. i can't get enough of this project! i am loving every stitch. **swoon** honestly. it comes with me wherever i go, and any chance i get a chance to add any stitches to it, i do.

i'm already planning the colour for my next one.

how have you been doing? are you a lover of fine yarns? what's your favourite? this is one of my fave topics and i'd love to chat with you! leave me a message, and we'll swoon over yarn together, shall we?



you've heard me talk lots about the summer sweater knit a long (KAL) hosted by shannon of luvinthemommyhood. i've been having a blast with it! have you? (assuming you've joined in) hee hee.

well summer is sadly just about over... but before you finish up your looovely sweaters... come on over to luvinthemommyhood for a chat about blocking! yep i had such a blast guest blogging over on versus, that i was tickled pink when shannon asked me to stop on by luvinthemomyhood as well!
the topic today is blocking.

is this how you feel when it comes time to block your knitting? well don't worry. we've got lots to chat about! and we'll get those feelings of uncertainty gone, yes? good.
so come on by. say hi, and see if we can answer your questions, and calm your worries about blocking.

do you have any fears of blocking? a little stunned as to what it's all about? please come on over and visit luvinthemommyhood, and we'll have a good chat.


friday! and a tute :)

happy happy friday!!!!!!

i had the pleasure of being featured on versus a little while back... did ya see it? it was for the beautiful and fun jardain coaster crochet tutorial! did ya make any? guess what? you can now find the full tutorial here on nook. as well! i like to give you options, so you'll find this tute both here and on versus. yeah, i know....awesome! i roll like that ;)

so go grab your coffee, your hook and fave colour of yarn... let's get coaster-happy!

it is my honest opinion that a home can never have enough coasters, inside or out.... well... almost. meet jardain. these little cuties are so adorable, you'll wanna be sure to make a set... or two... ! it's enough to make your fav. tea cup or mug or even mason jar of homemade smoothies exclaim "oh la la!" so quick, grab your hook and let's get started!

this is a great project even for the very beginner crocheter. and they make perfect gifts from house warming to stocking stuffers.. (eeks! already??) to just because... they're a fairly instant gratification project. i know what you're thinking... "sa-weeeet". yeah, i know.

oh, and props to my pal shannon of luvinthemommyhood  and of versus (she is pretty amazing, you know) who snapped the above photo. that pretty set of coasters, i gifted to her for her bday. i heart that she loves them.

so here's what you'll need:

4.0mm/US 6 hook
worsted weight yarn. ... each coaster really really doesn't take much, just use up some scraps for this little project.


with your crochet hook, loosely chain (ch) 4 stitches (st). then join with a slipped stitch ( to the first ch to make a ring.

rnd 1: make 8 single crochet (sc) inside the ring. in your first sc

rnd 2: ch.2. 2sc in the second ch. from hook and continue with 2sc in every stitch around. you have now doubled your stitch count to 16 sts. make a in the first ch. of this round. ... in this way, you are basically crocheting a spiral. see?

rnd 3: ch.2. sc in second ch. from hook and in every st. around. in first ch. of round.

rnd 4: ch.2. 2sc in second ch. from hook and continue with 2sc in every ch. around. sl st. in 1st ch. (36 sts)

rnd 5: ch.2. sc in second ch. from hook and in every ch. around. in 1st ch. of round.

rnd 6: ch.2. sc in second ch. from hook, sc, 2sc in next ch, *(sc, sc, 2sc)* repeat from * to * around until last ch. sc. join with sl st. to 1st ch. of round. 46 st. total.

rnd 7: ch.4 sl st. in 5th ch. from hook. *(ch4, skip 4st, sl st. in 5th ch)* repeat from * to * around until 6st remain. ch 4, sl st. in 3rd st from hook, ch4, sl st. in last st. of rnd. you will have created 10 loops.

rnd 8: 6dc in 1st loop space created. sl st. in previous rnd's sl. st. continue around in this manner. 6dc's in every loop space, with a sl. st. in between.

draw a knot through final loop. sew in ends.
and you're done!

see? easy peasy lemon squeezy. enjoy!!!

have a wonderful weekend! what do you have planned?(other than making coasters haha) i've got some crafting on the go! and now that celebrate color is underway, so many things are inspiring me!! (surprise surprise)  lotsa knitting, and a little bit of gift giving ;)  any last minute cramming of fun in before school starts next week? come chat, i'd love to hear from you!


peek a boo!

hi everyone! so sorry to have missed you yesterday, blogging from the road is trickier than i thought it would be! but i'll make it up to you today. promises.  it's my first time as a guest blogger, and i'm pretty excited to be making my guest blogging debut over on versus! yep.. pretty excited. :) for those of you unfamiliar with versus, (and you really won't be for long).... it is a virtual boxing match between sewing and knitting. i'll let you guess which side of the ring i'm on ;) but sewing really is growing in my books!!

i was really excited when shannon of luvinthemommyhood decided to create this new space to duke sewing and knitting out. i am a lucky girl that shannon is one of my good friends, who shares my crazy love of knitting, and coffee :) and even crochet! not all knitters are also crocheters... (as you know), and it's pretty nifty to be able to share a love for many different crafts with friends.. don't you think? she's even getting me more excited about sewing! and encouraged me through my fears of sewing my bag!

but boy do i feel pretty special that shannon asked me to be a guest blogger on versus! and this is where your pressie comes in!!! i've got a great tute to share with ya :)
and it's neither knitting or sewing ;) it's a fabulous crocheted coaster! oh yeah.

meet jardain.

such a cute, and fun coaster. i had a lot of fun designing this project, and i hope you have a ton of fun making them too! it adds such a great pop of colour to your table, and your bevies will love them too.

this is a super easy coaster to make, and will give you some instant gratification... for the full tutorial, head on over to versus. and once you've made them, i'd love to see a pic of them! send me a link to your projects in the comments section, and we can all have a peek!

are you both a sewer and knitter, as i'm turning out to be? how about crochet? have you seen the versus mag? i'd love to hear about some of your completed, or works in progress... or dreams to make things. :) leave a note, and let's chat!


remember when?

 ....summers were full of play, swimming, fishing, dancing, crafting, marshmallow roasting, and bbq'ing...
i have extremely fond memories of summer, growing up. we were so fortunate to have a family cottage on the rideau.

it's still in the family, my uncle and his family now have it... so it's nice to know that we can still see the cottage sometime.

our family has a history of nicknames... for everything from our cottages, windermere and bo-peep to the granny goat's path that takes you up past the 20 foot, 30 foot, and 40 foot cliffs and past murderer's gulch to charlie, marley and moe... and the far cabin... where my great aunt used to write. (don't worry... as far as i know, no-one was actually murdered.)

 even the treehouse has a name... tree-tops! and you can't forget to have your turn on the flimsy-whimsy! (a trapeze that swings out over the water.. which is when you let go)

the cottages are both undergoing a lot of changes right now, in modernizing and saftey-ing.. actually, some things have been taken down. but it's still a very cherished place to me, and will always be. it still looks beautiful, and the work that's been going on has been incredible!  (from what i can tell of the pictures)

one fond memory i have is of crafting with my cousin. we spent many an hour making knotted bracelets. do you remember those? so colourful, and fun! and definitely summer-y. not too long ago, i found a link on how to make them, and it brought back a woosh of memories, and that i just had to make some this year. it's a great tutorial, and i think you should definitely make some too!

i so wish we could just hop in the car and head over to the cottage, but we live too far away for that right now. maybe another year... i can however still enjoy some of my wonderful memories, and even re-live them! so i did :)


and goodness was it ever fun! now i just have to make more. i want a wrist-full ;) and i know it will bring be back....

do you have very fond memories of summering when you were young? any must make crafts that help to re-live the younger days? let's all grab some embroidery thread and get bracelet making this summer!  what are your fav colours to use?


love for the magic (loop method)

we're always learning. always trying new techniques, and no matter how long you've been knitting, or crafting, or creating... there's always a new surprise in store for us. ...right?

well for me it's the magic loop method!

when jane richmond came out with her legwarmer pattern on luvinthemommyhood's online mag called versus i was uber excited.

not just because it's legwarmers, but it called for the magic loop method, and i had never actually done that before! jane has a great tutorial on the method here. so check it out!

and make many, many pairs of legwarmers. you'll always find a use for them. :)

 i wasen't ever really afraid of this method before, but because i hadn't learned how to do it before, i just stuck with my dpns.  well no longer! if i can get away with the magic loop method, i'm doing that instead!

pattern: legwarmers by jane richmond
yarn: cascade yarns soft spun
needle: 5.0mm/us8

check out my ravelry page to see my other comments on this project!

 oi. i'm hooked.. pun totally intended.

have you tried the magic loop method before? what are some of the techniques you'd love to learn to help enhance your knitting skills? are you a legwarmer fan like i am? leave me a comment, i'm in the mood to chat, and i love your company :)



good morning! it's friday! yippeeee!!!! bring on the weekend :) thanks for letting me vent a little yesterday.. but as promised, i have a little goodie for you :) how hoes a tutorial sound?
yes? good. cause i've got one for you.

here at nook. i love and i mean love my coffee. i need it very much. so i thought i should do something nice in honor of coffee. here it is!

 hug your coffee

no more double-cupping it folks! this eco-friendly sleeve for your coffee or tea on the go will keep your fingers happy. it's small & portable, not to mention it adds the perfect style to your morning... - or whenever you favor your cuppa :)
it's sized to fit most "to go" coffee cups

here's what you'll need:
needles: 3.75mm/US 5 dpns
yarn: berroco weekend aran weight. but a worsted would probably work fine too.

using the long-tail method, CO 36 sts. join to work in the round, being careful not to twist your sts.
you can use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of your round if you'd like, but i just use the end of the tail from casting on. it's up to you.

k2, p2 ribbing for 4 rounds.
switch to knitting in stockinette (knit every round) for 3"
k2, p2 ribbing for 4 more rounds.
bind off in patt.

weave in the ends, and you're done!

see? what an easy fun tutorial! i'm happy to share it with you! hope you have many wonderful coffees, lattes, hot chocolates, teas... whatever your little heart desires with these puppies.  my hubby has already requested the brown one for himself. he loves them!

if you're not a knitter, do not despair! these little cuties will be listed in the shop soon. they make great gifts!


copyright nook2011. pattern is for unlimited personal use. please do not reproduce or sell this pattern, or items that are knitted from this pattern. for any questions please contact

cheers to a wonderful weekend! i'll be back bright and early monday morning!

what are you up to this wonderful weekend? any exciting plans? please leave me a comment, i'd love to hear about it!
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